VRISM : Who we are

There’s only so much you can express through PFP about yourself. VRISM is here to show you a new, and better way. We are a guild of 3D Digital Wearable NFT creators, and I am Saturn, the workshop master of VRISM. 3D & XR experience creation experts enabling blockchain technology For the past 5 years, VRISM has been creating commercials and hyper-real digital twins for over 50 different fashion brands in web2. On top of this, we’ve been working on implementing blockchain technology to produce our authentic digital native contents for web3 since 2021. We look forward to bringing all the experiences in and beyond your imagination at your hand through our digital wearables in the new age of metaverses. VRISM VR space with digital twin sneakers (not commercial, just a prototype) Based on our own story Our digital wearables are more than a bunch of simple 3D collectables. (Ofc, it’s cool enough just to have it, too. lol) VRISM’s digital wearables will be closely interlocked with the story and universe we are building, which will be the basis of immersiveness for the holders, as well as expansion of VRISM’s ecosystem. What’s really exciting is that the story of this universe is going to grow with and respond to the community members. vrism workshop: This is where we create digital wearables Utility in metaverse The wonder of digital wearable comes true when the holders can actually put them on in the metaverse environment. Our team being the experts in 3D digital experience gives us a lot of confidence in envisioning and execution. We are excited to bring a variety of experiences to our holders through partnering with many metaverse platforms. Sneakers with Paragon of Unreal Engine We are about to kick start everything with our first project, Hitchhiker, and will update you here. See you very soon. Discord: discord.gg/mWUNTkEFND Twitter: https://twitter.com/vrismworkshop

The ‘Hitchhiker’ holder’s Guide to the Galaxy

“Project Hitchhiker” is VRISM’s first sneakers collection of high quality 3D NFT (ERC-721) for the metaverse. This series is awesome for not only collecting, but also will lead the holders to a thrilling adventure in VRISM’s ecosystem. In it, the holders of VRISM’s NFT wearables can explore the space and mine Vrium, as the sneakers evolve. I’ll be walking you through the basics of this project VRIUM: The core of ecosystem vrium mined from unknown planets All digital wearables including Hitchhiker Sneakers are made from Vrium, a material with distinctive features. According to the research from the Space Development Research Center we’ve found the following information to be true. Digital material modifiable via code with infinite potential. Wearing Vrium-based sneakers, one can travel almost at the speed of light in space. Doesn’t exist on this planet, but was found on 11 different planets. However, we lost the location data of where they are. Exists in more than 11 planets already found, the amount buried and the purity varies for each planet. Thus, Vrium can be mined on the planets discovered through space exploration, and is used for another fun, but faster traveling experience. 10K Hitchhiker Sneakers (ERC-721) There are two types of Hitchhiker Sneakers. Genesis Hitchhiker: Father’s Legacy 777 Genesis Sneakers of Hitchhiker Saturn’s father was in charge of a classified project for enabling individual-level space travel using Vrium found in the planets explored so far. He created a series of 777 sneakers that has characteristics such as: Made of mainly 3 parts: inner, upper, and outsole Each of the 777 sneakers have different themes and style Owning a Genesis series boosts success rate of reinforcement for reinforceable sneakers series This is the first series of sneakers created from Vrium, and to those who own them, there will be many exclusive benefits within the VRISM’s ecosystem. 2. Reinforceable Hitchhiker: Saturn’s First Masterpiece Work in Progress (This will be updated) After many trials and errors in trying to interpret the data left by his father, Saturn finally succeeded in creating sneakers like no other. They are the Reinforceable Digital Sneakers. You can use Vrium gathered from mining activities from different planets to upgrade your NFT sneakers. When minting, the 9223 sneakers are made up of level 1 inner, upper, and outsole parts. You can reinforce each part with the Vrium you’ve mined. The success rate of reinforcement varies on which level the part is. Higher level = upgraded look as well as faster space exploration. There will be additional benefits for the holders who reached above a certain level of reinforcement. This is Only the Beginning There’s a lot more we’d like to share with you. Follow our twitter, join discord, and stay tuned! We’ll keep you updated with more exciting news!